¡10 Consejos para aprender inglés más rápido!

So you have started your journey to study English. You are taking all your  classes, you’re even doing all your homework but you do not seem to be making any progress . Right so this article is definitely for you!Simply continue reading below our list of tips from our teachers and students which will help you to improve and learn English- faster!

Tips for Learning English

1) Read in English

Read, read, read …Reading in a different language can sometimes be a bit daunting, generally the problem is we may be reading books that are not for our level. My advise is try to start off with simpler books or use Graded Readers to help you progress faster. It is important to read books that you are interested in as you will enjoy them more.You will be surprised even while reading children’s books you will learn plenty of vocabulary and different grammar structures.Try out Oxford press for some easy reading. www.oxfordowl.co.uk

Reference : Grader books : Books that are in English and another language.

2) Watch TV in English

Well let’s face it everyone is watching Netflix these days so why not change the language over to English. So, when you are watching the latest series of Money Heist try watching it in English.My advise is always watch programs you enjoy, don’t just watch them because your classmate recommended them..Always try to but the subtitles on in English especially if you are a lower intermediate or above student. At a very low level you could put them in your own language and as you improve just swap the subtitles over to English.You’ll be surprised how much English you will learn!

3) Listen to as much English as possible

You might love Heavy Metal or  80´s Hits, start listening to them in English!Find a page on google to research the lyrics of your favourite songs. Podcasts are great as you can listen to almost everything you can think of all you have to do is search for it in English.With this method you will notice your speaking skills will improve too.

4) Find a language exchange

Find a language exchange partner. We will be looking into how to do this in one of our future posts. There are a variety of ways of finding an exchange partner. Try posting on your school notice board, or even ask your English classmates they might want to practise with you.

5) Do things you love to do in  English 

There’s no point attempting to read the Harry Potter books in English if you hated the books in Spanish. Instead, choose to do things in English that you know you’ll like. Do you love cooking? Then watch an English cookery show. Who are you a fan of  Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran? Why not follow them on Twitter and try your best to understand their tweets. It’s so important to have fun when you are learning a language!

6) Go digital

Social media is a wonderful tool for learning English. Try and incorporate English into your digital life by following English groups in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You could also try reading a digital newspaper or blog in English.The advantage of this type of reading is you will learn more colloquial English words.

7) Make some new English-speaking friends

English is an Internationally recognised language so no matter where you are in the world you will always find an English speaker. The easiest way to make friends with native speakers is to join a group or language exchange.Check out Facebook for local International events near you.Parties are a fun way to meet new friends or why not go to your local Irish/English  bar. I am sure you will  find some new English speakers to become friends with.

8)keep yourself motivated

Never give up, it will be worth it in the end! Try not to quit, sometimes it is very easy to give up  because you don’t understand something.  Learning a language can sometimes feel like a slow process but remember to keep at it!

9) Speak English all the time

Converse as much as you possibly can in English and do not worry if you make mistakes.It is all part of the learning curve. Speak as much as you can in class, practise while you are driving your car, singing in the shower.. Do whatever you need to do to help build up your confidence!

10) Travel

Where ever possible try and go to English Speaking countries for your holidays. When you get there be sure to surround yourself with native speakers. If you find yourself with people who speak your own language insist that they speak to you in English all the time every little helps.

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