¡10 Consejos para una entrevista en línea!

10 Tips on how to do a successful interview online!

Under the current Covid-19 Conditions many first interviews are only taking place online. So you need to be prepared for that Zoom, Skype or Google hangout video conference call for your job interview. We are going to look at some useful tips on how to ace your interview online. Online interviews have been around for along time now. However due to the current situation in the world it appears to be the more favorable option for most International Companies. It is also a good tool for employers as it widens the net for their selection purposes, candidates from any where in the world can apply for the positions and have the interviews online. In the good old days the Human Resources(H.R.) department would have wasted a lot of time on face to face interviews. Nowadays the normal practice is the HR team would make a selection and most likely filter the candidates by doing telephone interviews and on the second round remote interviews. This would probably be followed by a face to face final interview depending on the position of course.

What should you do to prepare for that remote interview?

Tip 1#Take care of your surroundings

It is essential that the place is quiet and that you will not be disturbed. Inform anybody in your home who may potentially interrupt you of the timing of the interview. I am sure you remember the famous BBC reporter whose children came charging into the room mid interview. Lock the doors if necessary. Set up a businesslike background or simply place yourself in front of a blank wall.

Tip 2 #Check your devices

Check everything is working correctly, such as your internet connection, speaker volume and your microphone settings. Are your headphones charged up?Does your computer, tablet, laptop need any software updates? Also ensure you are familiar with the application you are using doing a test run with a friend might be a good idea.

Tip 3# Dress for success

As tempting as it may be to wear your favourite pyjamas below your suit jacket it’s probably not the best of ideas. Do some investigating how does the company prefer their employees to dress? Dress professionally and avoid fluorescent colours you do not what to distract the interviewer. Remember the interviewer will only see you from the waist up. If it gives you more confidence wear the clothes you would wear in a face to face interview. Make sure you are comfortable in your clothes.

Tip 4 # Practice Practice makes perfect

If you have never had an interview online, it would be advisable to do a dry run with your friend or colleague. You will gain more confidence and it should help you to focus more on the camera then the screen.

Tip 5# Turn off other applications and devices

Do not run other applications on your computer while you are having your interview, as it may distract you and it could slow down your internet connection. Make sure your mobile phone is on silent mode.

Tips 6# Notes

You can place notes on your desktop which might help you to focus more in the interview. Such as questions re the position you are applying for or a reminder to highlight some important relevant information which you should mention from your resume.

Tips 7# Eye Contact

In a face to face interview it is easy to look the person in the eye. A mistake many people make in remote interviews is they look at the screen instead of the camera. Ensure you are looking at the camera all the time to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

Tips 8 # Body language

Make sure you have a good posture, sit up instead of slouching, don’t cross your arms and try not to fidget. Act in a similar way to a in-person interview. Keep eye contact with the interviewer by staring at the camera, not the screen.

Tips 9# Be an active listener

Keep your focus on the interviewer, even if they are in conversation with each other. Become an active listener.

Tips 10# Questions

Be prepared for when the interviewer asks “Do you have any questions?” It is important that at this point in the interview you ask the right questions. Do some research and prepare a list and leave them on your desktop so you can read them.


Hopefully these tips will help you to find success in getting that dream job! If you need to practice some questions why not sign up today for a business lesson.


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